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Brad Server Bio

Brad began a love of music & theater at a young age watching his older Brother Darren perform. Like his older siblings carrying a tune comes naturally. He also plays the drums and loves to jam with friends. Rock music is his genera of choice. This may have been influenced by his friend Steve Adler...
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Darren Server Bio

BrotherDarren began singing, dancing, acting and playing the piano at the age of ten and has never stopped. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in music and drama. He supported himself by playing piano in the orchestra pits of touring shows, the Berkeley...
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Andrea Server Bio

AndreaAndrea began her love for singing in High School. She took her God-given talent to the next level, and spent many years singing in women’s professional A cappella groups. Her distinctive alto voice set her apart and is still quite compelling to this day. When Andrea is not...
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